Breeding Holland Lop rabbits and bunnies for show and loveable pets in the Grand Rapids Michigan area.

Holland Lop Rabbitry It began for me with a little Netherland Dwarf buck named Polo when I was 7 years old. I hardly ever set him down other than when I was in school or asleep. I took him for walks and he slept in my bedroom. I am now a mom to three girls; the oldest being five and it's time to share my love of these wonderful animals with my daughters. We now have several Holland Lop's for sale. If we don't have what you are looking for, let us know.

02 May 2011 ~ 2 Comments

Idol was 6th place Solid Senior Buck at Holland Lop Nationals

We had a great time this weekend in Ohio at the 2011 Holland Lop Nationals.  Our baby SRR’s Idol placed 6th out of 119 in the solid senior buck class under judge Glen Carr.  We are so thankful to have him as our herd buck!  We had lots of fun at our first national with so many great people and gorgeous rabbits.  Congratulations to all the winners!

03 April 2011 ~ 24 Comments

Idol is now a Grand Champion with Best of Breed Win in Evart

Idol won Best of Breed to get his third leg at the Osceola Rabbit show B in Evart, MI under Chuck Pelham.  Again, we want to thank Julie Hahn and Audrey Patriarche for selling him to us.  Three Saturdays under three different judges and three BOBs.  Obviously, his Grand Champion status is pending until we can send it all in but not a bad way to Grand a rabbit with all best of breeds.  We are very lucky to have this guy here with us and cannot wait for his kits to get here.

27 March 2011 ~ 6 Comments

Idol wins Best of Breed Show A in Lapeer

We are very happy to announce that SSR’s Idol has won Best of Breed for the second time giving him his 2nd leg at the Lapeer Area Rabbit show.  Thank you again to Julie Hahn and Audrey Patriarche for selling him to us.  We feel so lucky to be able to start our show career with such an amazing holland lop buck!  Idol is busy with the girls so we should have some exciting kits coming up in the near future.  Look for Idol’s next appearance at the show in Evart, MI.