Holland Lop Does

  • Lucky Lops’ Fancy – Broken Blue Tort
    co-owned with Robin and Josh Laymon.
    Broken Blue Tort Holland Lop

    SIRE: Lucky Lops’ Fiddle DAM: L&R Fancine 2


  • Rev’s Tara – Tort
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    • 201715_1620556073674_1229580121_31282872_6998735_o-1

    pictures courtesy of Courtney Denault

    Sire: THF Saynora’s Maserati Dam: THF Saynora’s Trixy

    PEDIGREE:  THF Saynora

  • Plank’s Cabernet – Lilac Point
    • 163674_1664889914439_1603015534_1523212_6309229_n
    • 167084_1664889754435_1603015534_1523211_4620899_n

    pictures courtesy of Chris Plank

    SIRE: Plank’s Charmer DAM: Plank’s Sassy

    PEDIGREE: Plank, THF Saynora, Lil’ Bit Farms, LOV, ERZ, Freeman

  • THF Saynora’s Tinker – Cream
    co-owned with Harley Butler
    Holland Lop Cream Doe
  • SIRE: THF Saynora’s Qwade DAM: THF Saynora’s Goldilox

    PEDIGREE: THF Saynora, Cox, Ormond, Woodmont

    Autumnstar’s Crush – Broken Orange
    co-owned with Harley Butler
    Broken Orange Holland Lop

    SIRE: Autumnstar’s Apollo DAM: Autumnstar’s Milkshake

    PEDIGREE: THF Saynora, Proud Ear’s, Spring Lake

  • LL Bailey – Tort
    • 163656_1609382078398_1351595103_31595009_4006247_n
    • 166418_1609381918394_1351595103_31595008_6629606_n
    • 179471_1609382358405_1351595103_31595010_5293356_n
    • 39884_1418164178070_1351595103_31203311_1915788_n
    • 46295_1474743112508_1351595103_31333875_3258316_n
    • bailey1

    pictures courtesy of Sandy LaBeau
  • SIRE: LL Chief DAM: Broo’s Rhianna

    PEDIGREE: LL, Broo’s, Washburn’s, Camelot’s

  • Daybreak’s Cupid - Black Tort
    1 Leg
    • cupid1
    • cupid2
    • cupid1_0
    • cupid2_0

    SIRE: Camelot’s Bullet DAM: Funshine’s Shes All That

    PEDIGREE: Daybreak, Camelot, Funshine, Schwandt, Oakwood, LL
    Best of Show Saline Fair 2010
    BOS Washtenaw 4-H Fair 2010

  • Dombroske’s JC – Black (badly molting)
  • SIRE: Dombroske’s Dash DAM: Broo’s Ramborg

    PEDIGREE: Broo’s, L&R, Crossroads, Freeman’s